Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunset Strip

When I first moved to SoCal in 1990, I lived in Beverly Hills but visited the Sunset Strip every chance I could get--I returned after a five year absence to an apartment on The Strip, I did not go clubbing a single time although Slim Jim Phantom (owner of CatClub) was in my Building and I lived a two block radius from KeyClub & Roxy & CatClub & Whiskey & ViperRoom!!!

Then I volunteered on the Video Crew for National Lampoon MetalSkool for 16 weeks on Monday Nights at KeyClub--MetalSkool is a hard rock comedy act with celebrity audience members (gwen stefani, ashley simpson, gene simmons) and guest performers (sammy hagar,
scorpions, twisted sister)--

Backstage with celebrities & the band, groupies in the hallways--great experience--
live music is the most fun--

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Omega Server Ontology

O.S ontology
- - - - -
Databases now store records of events in the past and display for users on high resolution screens such as 1000x by 1000y pixels.
Basic math shows all possible combinations of pixels in b&w and color for a 1000x by 1000y screen = 5^1 000 000z frames.
The O.S ontology contains all possible [b&w and color pictures and motion pictures and text] records of events in the past and future.
- - - - -
It is arguably beyond the realm of time and space to generate and store and search such a huge amount of data!!!
- - - - -
But, if a single read/write program were to generate all values for all (x,y,z) coordinates in a uniform and non-random way, one could simply search/read data by its position in the virtual dataset (predetermined by the read/write program *sequence*), without generating all data first, then storing all data, then searching.
- - - - -
Universal Knowledge can be accessed by existing computer technology and basic mathematics.


Loan Defaults & Real Estate Foreclosures are on the rise in the United States due to relaxed qualifying standards for mortgages in 2003-2004--

Lenders are scheduling properties for auction at increasing rates--

Investors are buying properties at auction for 1/3 to 2/3 of market value making instant profits of 33 percent to 67 percent on their cash investment--

Lenders are absorbing loan losses against enormous profits of the real estate boom of the george w. bush administration--

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


30 March 2005

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA: City of West Hollywood publicaccess cable television cablecast today a 45 minuteprogram without edit or interruption entitled‘HOW SAY YOU : JURY NULLIFICATION IN AMERICA’featuring an interview with First Amendment lawyer
Clyde Dewitt of Los Angeles.

Integral to the interview on obscenity law in theUnited States were unedited clips of pornographicmaterial including MF intercourse, interracial groupsex, transsexual oral copulation, bestiality, gangrape, golden shower, facial, enema and simulated child

In Multnomah County Circuit Court in Oregon in 1996,two of Mr. Fitzpatrick’scable television productions, ‘ORGY-TV’ & ‘SJR41′,which both included unedited scenes of Sado-Masochism
and Necrophilia, were found Obscene and banned in theUnited States by court order.

The Supreme Court of the United States deniedCertiorari on 17 March 1997upholding the Ninth Circuit of the U.S. Court ofAppeals and the U.S. District Courtof Oregon in their refusal to order ABC affiliateKATU-TV in Portland Oregon to runa sexually explicit campaign ad for Mr. Fitzpatrick’s1996 write-in campaign for United States Senate.

In 1998, John Michael Fitzpatrick ran for theRepublican nomination for United States Senate inOregon and won a county placing second in a three wayrace with 27 percent of the vote statewide.

“Political speech should be free of governmentCensorship” Mr. Fitzpatrick said
in describing his video efforts to facilitate morefully informed public policy debates
on Obscenity law.

Pink Sheets

As a candidate for United States Senator from Oregon in 1998,
I advocated increased access to equity capital (vs debt capital) for small business growth in the United States as an engine for domestic job creation and economic development--

The Pink Sheets exchange and related professionals in the microcap securities field are a very good route for emerging business to reach investors looking for new opportunities to place capital for growth--

Investor Relations
Exchange Listing

controlled unstable equilibrium

Figure One: Constant Unstable Equilibrium




Figure One shows four earth-size spherical masses held in a fixed geometry to each other, with Mass A free to rotate about a central axis.

Would a diamond crystal space frame prevent implosion (from gravity) of four earth-size spherical masses in such close proximity?

Would the asymmetrical force vectors of this configuration overcome normal friction on the diamond axle of Mass A?

Would Mass A rotate in a state of constant unstable equilibrium?

Would axle friction cause Mass A to reach a stable and constant velocity?

Mass & Gravity & Friction are constant values in a vector analysis.

Mass B reduces the pull on the left-side of Mass A by Mass C.

Mass D pulls asymmetrically on the right-side of Mass A.

Mass A rotates in a clock-wise direction?


During my work in the Systems Science PhD program at Portland State University in 1982 I developed an appreciation for virtual modeling and simulation in the computational sciences as a means to solve real world problems--

In the past 5 years (thanks to the george w bush administration) there has been an explosion in computational power through DOD funding of the ASCI (accelerated strategic computing initiative) program--

Mankind is very close to having the computational resources to solve some of the biggest problems in the following areas:

computational finance--dynamic valuation of derivatives reducing investor risk and stabilizing pricing of securities and commodities

computational physics--develop economically viable fusion power with virtual reactor to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and their environmental costs and political risks

computational biochemistry--cure all disease with virtual drug testing where a virtual person with human genome map data can be created to model and simulate therapies to cure disesase

nuclear technology

As a student at Portland State University in Portland Oregon in 1982,
I developed a close friendship with Paul Emmett, head of the Manhattan Project at Columbia University during World War 2--
Our discussions of the origins of mankind's efforts to control the atom for civilian and military uses started a lifelong interest for me in Nuclear Technology--

I attended the Nuclear Reactor operator training seminars at Reed College in Portland Oregon
to learn how to operate a TRIGA reactor--

Recent interests include the CANDU reactor designs--



politics & government

Government is the forum by which the needs of the individual and the needs of the group are balanced through the political process--

Computing & Internet technology have empowered the indivdual with knowledge through fast & low cost global communications enabling more informed participation in the political process--

Search Engines like Google have allowed near limitless individual inquiry, but where the individual is stronger in the political process so is the group because the aggregate logs of the search engines show communications patterns and areas of inquiry useful to the furtherance of centralized government --

By knowing in aggregate what people are asking about (and therefore thinking) and in what numbers, those in power can stay in power by tailoring their messages in the political process--
in government there is truth in numbers (meaning laws and enforcement are a reflection of the majority opinion and minority deviants are left out in the cold--much of change is about mainstreaming deviancy)

These aggregate search logs & statistics are closely guarded and of very high value to marketers manufacturers and politicos--

Privacy rights advocates worry about individual search logs but those are of little consequence in this context--

The advent of Wi-Max wireless and RFID tags with EPC (electronic product codes) adds a spatial/locational element (see Google Earth) to the aggregate database--

Wal-Mart started the rush to RFID tags in all products they sell to better control inventory but these embedded tags emitting EPCs to Wi-Max nodes worldwide will show where every object is everywhere in the world at any moment in time--

Great cost savings and efficiencies and reductions of errors will result from not only knowing what the population is looking for (search engines) but also what they have and where it is (Wi-Max/RFID/EPC)--

New officers of the Federal Reserve & Treasury(Bernanke and Paulson among others) have backgrounds in computational finance to fine tune monetary/banking policies around analysis of this growing datastream meaning the direction of the entire economy will be determined by political uses of these technologies--

republic with limited participatory democracy and cultural focus on commerce & technology

constitutional monarchy with legal/commercial ties to former colonies worldwide

spanish civil law
spanish speaking countries in Latin America

french Civil law
french speaking countries in caribbean and west africa

shar'ia law
Islamic banking and Civil Law from West Africa to East Asia with
Malaysia (an English Commonwealth Country) seeking to bridge EastWest
Divide with dual Shar'ia/English Common Law system

Wi-Max/RFID/EPC technology for communications/commerce/COMCON

Private Military Companies
for COMCON of impoverished non-aligned countries with rich mineral resources or strategic locations


Nanotechnology will truly empower the individual making social interaction a welcome choice not an economic necessity--

Using the same CAD-CAM Design & Manufacturing technology of microchips in computers,
nanotechnologists are working toward creation of a universal nano-bot that has software/hardware and power for self-replication and self-organization and adaptation to the environment much like a living cell in our bodies--

Once created, teams of individual nanobots (each invisible to the human eye) will
take wireless commands to mine and process minerals in the ground or the seas to replicate at zero labor cost--

Teams of nanobots can also be commanded to self-organize into whatever shape or color you desire including a suit of clothes, a car, a house or a personal bubble serving the role of all

Teams of nanobots can also be commanded to enter your bloodstream and maintain/repair any cellular damage over time from disease or aging leading to prolonged vitality and extended human lifespan--

Once the supply of nanobots is large enough, every individual on earth could have a personal supply allowing all physical needs in the temporal world to be satisfied at zero labor cost with only mineral supplies being at issue--

When continental and oceanic mineral supplies are exhausted by population growth, space-based nanobots will mine process near earth asteroids (NEAs) for human consumption--

genetic programming--
complex adaptive systems--cellular automata
nuclear isotope Nickel-63/isomer Hafnium electric power

casimir effect mechanical power


Casimir-Piezoelectric Generator
--c- --a-- --b-- -d--
Metal Plates a and b are closely spaced.
Plate a is mounted on Piezoelectric Strip c.
Plate b is mounted on Piezoelectric Strip d.
The attraction between closely spaced plates a and b results from the Casimir effect.
The mechanical stress on strips c and d results from the attraction between plates a and b.
A voltage results from circuits on strips c and d